About our company

Selecta Biotech has an authentic company culture based on honesty, integrity, responsibility, passion, humility, respect and professionalism.  Our values define our company. They talk about who we are, how we work and how we treat our customers.

Selecta Biotech SE

Selecta Biotech SE is a European joint-stock company founded with the aim of bringing a patented technology for selective nucleic acid recognition to the market. Due to its universal applicability, this technology has the ultimate goal of revolutionizing the current paradigms in molecular diagnostics and therapy. Solutions based on the intellectual property of the corporation directly impact early and precise personalized diagnostics and detection of molecular relapses, and most importantly, are expected to enable personalized therapy.

In cooperation with its regional partners, Selecta Biotech SE has already established a functional biotechnological ecosystem with the primary aim of performing interdisciplinary biomedical research in the field of personalized medicine. In addition to the development of modern, ultrasensitive, and precise kits for diagnosis of a wide range of diseases, Selecta Biotech SE is developing a pioneering antisense platform with the aim of facilitating a global reform in the design and hence applicability of antisense therapeutics.

Despite massive global spending on biology-driven drug discovery, tackling side effects and adverse events resulting from drug promiscuity is one of the greatest challenges faced today. Selecta Biotech SE has a revolutionary solution to this persistent problem: an original concept of antisense therapeutics that lack side effects.

Proprietary Technology for Selective Nucleic Acid Recognition

Who we are

Meet our Experts

Filip Rázga, PhD., MPH

Diagnostics Division

Dr Razga has 20+ years of professional experience in oncology with a biotechnology focus in the last decade.

Veronika Némethová, PhD., MPH

Therapeutics Division

Dr Nemethova is an expert in molecular biology and genetics and has 10+ years of professional background in oncology and cancer genetics.

JUDr. Miroslav Ivanovič

Legal Department

Dr Ivanovic provides legal services in the fields of intellectual property rights, commercial and medical law.

What we offer

Proprietary technology
for selective nucleic acid recognition

Product-driven development of diagnostic and therapeutic modalities mainly for oncology patients.

  • ESiNAR-X® platform
  • Clearly defined R&D strategy
    Resilient infrastructure
  • Biotechnological ecosystem
    with more than 20 regional and
    international partners


cellular uptake


dose tolerance


decrease of target
protein level


selectively induced
biological effect

Therapeutics Division

Revolutionary Improvement
in cellular uptake

Spontaneous cellular internalization of an ESiNAR-X® platform-based oligonucleotide in
Fibroblasts  &  Mesenchymal stem cells.

  • Fibroblasts
  • Mesenchymal stem cells
Mesenchymal stem cells
What we offer

Product portfolio
for superior qPCR performance

Original qPCR master mixes combined with customized laboratory plastics boost the results of your qPCR.

  • ampliTune® qPCR mixes
  • PCR plastics
  • Ready-mixed TAE powder for electrophoresis

level of detectable fluorescence




reliability of analysis


quality control

Diagnostics Division

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