About us

Selecta Biotech has an authentic company culture based on honesty, integrity, responsibility, passion, humility, respect, and professionalism. Our values define our company. They talk about who we are, how we work, and how we treat our partners.

We have been given the opportunity to excel at what we do best, and so we feel responsible to contribute to the society and communities in which we operate. Our mission to challenge alternatives to develop quality healthcare products through science-based evidence guides our professionals every day in everything they do.

We continue to proactively look for solutions and challenge ourselves to make a difference in patient care through progressive therapeutic concepts that have the potential to redefine treatment outcomes.


We strive to bring safe and reliable treatment modalities to support patients with unmet medical need by transforming the promise of modern science with the power of our know-how and experience into products and technologies that enhance, improve, or even save lives.

There is the potential, currently, to implement a new generation of inhibitors in clinical practice with the aim of achieving the desired therapeutic effect without side effects. It’s why Selecta Biotech was founded.





Dr Razga has 20+ years of professional experience in oncology with a biotechnology focus in the last decade.


Veronika Némethová

Head of Therapeutics Division

Dr Nemethova coordinates the development and preclinical studies of therapeutic leads for treatment of multiple diseases.

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