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Company founded with the aim of bringing a proprietary technology for exclusive recognition of nucleic acids to the market. Due to its universal applicability, this technology has the ultimate goal of revolutionising the current paradigms in molecular diagnostics and therapy.

  • Blood test
  • Liquid biopsy
  • Nucleids acids
  • R&D
  • Oncology
  • Hematology
  • Cardiology
  • Urology
ampliTune® product line

Diagnostics Division

The Diagnostics Division of Selecta Biotech focuses on R&D of a portfolio of qPCR mixes within the ampliTune® product line for early and precise detection of biomarkers with an exceptional sensitivity. The Division also provides consulting services to clients and offers strategic partnership to biotech and pharma companies to benefit from the remarkable sensitivity of detection and quantification of biomarkers in molecular diagnostics.


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ESiNAR-X® platform

Therapeutics Division

The Therapeutics Division of Selecta Biotech is exploiting the proprietary ESiNAR-X® platform to develop personalized antisense therapeutic modalities. The platform is currently tested for oncological diseases. Pre-clinical validation so far shows a prominent 99% selectivity for cancer cells and 99% efficacy in therapeutic function. The ESiNAR-X® platform thus provides a fascinating possibility of cancer treatment using specific agents that completely spare healthy cells.


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Diagnostics & Therapeutics

Product Portfolio

Selecta Biotech puts great emphasis on the need of its customers.
We thrive to provide carefully optimized and validated products for the daily routine work of researchers as well as diagnostic laboratories.

qPCR Mixes

Universal qPCR Mixes developed to provide high sensitivity and reproducible results.
  • ampliTune® qPCR Probe Mix (5X)
  • ampliTune® qPCR EvaGreen® Mix (5X)
  • ampliTune® 1-step RT-qPCR Probe Mix
  • ampliTune® BCR-ABL Kit


Engineered and optimized for superior performance and reproducibility of qPCR results.
  • OptiMax Flexi PCR plate
  • OptiMax PCR plate
  • OptiClear 8-well PCR strip
  • OptiClear flat 8-cap strip
in 2023

ESiNAR-X® platform

Personalized antisense therapeutic modalities. Currently tested for oncological diseases.
  • Custom-made oligonucleotides
  • Pre-clinical validation
  • 99% selectivity for cancer cells
  • 99% efficacy in therapeutic function
  • Universal applicability
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Selecta Biotech has an authentic company culture based on honesty, integrity, responsibility, passion, humility, respect and professionalism. Our values define our company. They talk about who we are, how we work and how we treat our customers.

Filip Rázga, PhD., MPH

Diagnostics Division

Dr Razga has 20+ years of professional experience in oncology with a biotechnology focus in the last decade.

Veronika Némethová, PhD., MPH

Therapeutics Division

Dr Nemethova is an expert in molecular biology and genetics and has 10+ years of professional background in oncology and cancer genetics.

JUDr. Miroslav Ivanovič

Legal Department

Dr Ivanovic provides legal services in the fields of intellectual property rights, commercial and medical law.

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