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With respect to the global emergency situation related to the current threat of the spread of coronavirus, Selecta Biotech SE offers its products applicable for rapid and accurate diagnostics and monitoring of COVID-19.

Purposeful combination of our products provides 10-100x higher sensitivity of detection enabling earlier diagnostics of coronavirus. Such approach allows for more effective management of COVID-19-positive patients and could help to limit the spread of coronavirus in the population. We believe that suspect individuals deserve the highest standard of molecular diagnostics and that reliable results are key prerequisites for decision making regarding quarantine, therapy and follow-up of patients.

Fast and accurate qPCR results!
The highest standard in molecular diagnostics

Applicable for rapid and sensitive detection of COVID-19.
Products recommended for early diagnostics of

coronavirus (COVID-19)

  • ampliTune® 1-step RT-qPCR Probe Mix
  • ampliTune® qPCR Probe Mix (5X)
  • OptiMax Flexi PCR plate
  • OptiMax PCR plate
  • OptiClear flat 8-cap strip
Principal approaches

for diagnostics of COVID-19

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